Seeder roller for pasture rejuvenation, over seeding and re-seeding into both cultivated and burnt off grassland. Suitable for the sowing of grass, rape, kale, stubble turnips, etc.

Single row of adjustable spring tine paddles complete with ripper tines, offering levelling in cultivated ground or aggressive tine action for over seeding or re-seeding,followed by two rows of 12mm tines to remove old thatch and create more tilth.
500/550mm self-cleaning and contour-following-prism roller, maximising seed to soil contact.
The Seeder Unit is an APV PS300 with an electric fan fitted with an in-cab control box and uses GPS for forward speed/metering.
The machine comes complete with a loading platform and rear lighting kit, and rollers to
suit grass and small seeds.

Technical data:
Working width 2.6 – 3.5m
Attachment 3-point linkage
Weight 1820 kg

Options for roller:
D 540/570 GGG50 a
Z 400/450 GGG50 b
Z 500/550 GGG50
Two rows of wire harrows with tines 12/555mm
Levelling board
Crossboard with aggressive knives (80 x 10mm)
Holder for drill machine
Loading deck
Light set
Pneumatic drill machine PS 300 – 300litre hopper
GPS sensor for forward speed

3M Front harrow

Independently adjustable front paddles with agressive knives followed by 2 rows of 12mm tines and depth/support wheels.

Erth 3M Front Harrow