Agri-Spread AS2000 Range

Dales Agri Sales - Agre-Spread AS2000 Spreader

The latest Agri-Spread AS2000 series is an advanced precision spreader, which takes simplicity, durability, capacity and accuracy to the next level.

Whether you are spreading fertiliser, lime, gypsum or manure, the AS2000 series precision Agri-Spread delivers the target rate at the highest level of accuracy. The new AS2000 series is independently certied to spread fertiliser to 36m and lime to 12m. It’s built to last, functional in design and is easier than ever to operate.

New design features include the Agri-Spread exclusive Positive Drive Conveyor System, making it virtually impossible for the conveyor to slip. A redesigned hopper featuring more stainless components and a new adjustable rear deck spinner
system to ensure the highest level of accuracy and distribution of all products are some other new features visible on the AS2000 series.

The AS2000 series takes care of variable rates using mapping technology and can accurately apply product with variable bulk density using dynamic auto calibration. Four load cells and a variable speed foor belt guarantees the target rate regardless of forward speed.

Reducing input costs by minimising overlap, Agri-Spread are also excited to announce the release of optional Section Control available throughout the whole AS2000 series range.
Taking care of the required spread width in 14 sections, working in conjunction with field shape and GPS map data alongside the already popular auto shut off for headlands and border control functions spreading is easily managed from the Agri-Spread VT controller meaning little to no overlap. And most importantly a reduction in fertiliser requirements from 5-15%.
ISOBUS / VT compatible the Agri-Spread provides control of the spreader as well as recording input application data for farm management documentation from inside the cab. ISOBUS AEF Certified