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STONE-PEKKA stone pickers are developed by Finnish farmers. The factory is in Rantasalmi in
Eastern Finland, renowned for its stony soil. As such it is the best place for continuous development
and rigorous product testing. This ongoing development guarantees the STONE-PEKKA to be the
most reliable machine.
Rotators on each side of the STONE-PEKKA rotate against the direction of travel and collect the
stones into the machine where lifting drum tines move them along the sieve into the stone tank. Most
of the soil falls back onto the field. The STONE-PEKKA 6 has a 6 meter working width and a maximum
working capacity of 1.2 t/min. The STONE-PEKKA 4 and 5 have 4 and 5 meter working widths
respectively. The 5 and 6 have lifting drum widths of 113cm, and 80cm on the STONE-PEKKA 4.

The STONE-PEKKA's soil sieve considerably reduces the amount of soil carried by the stones. It leaves the soil where it belongs,
in the field. The stones get cleaned and can be re-used as construction material or for roads. The sieving process takes place at
the tipping stage when the soil slips into the soil container, from where it can be returned to the field. A new mesh rear wall has
made the container even more durable.
The stone picker is attached to a tow bar and the working depth is adjusted with the hydraulic drawbar.
The tow bar attachment reduces PTO shaft wear and the working depth remains constant, even in the most
difficult conditions. As the machine is towed the actual connection point doubles as a PTO connection.
There is no need for a wide angle PTO shaft. A stump jumper, situated on the machine end of the tow bar
helps your STONE-PEKKA to "jump" over permanent obstacles and stops the tractor's weight stressing it.
The tow bar remains fixed in on-road conditions.
STONE-PEKKAs are manufactured with care from quality, durable Finnish steel components and
come with a one-year warranty. Special sieve design reduces stone lodging and lifting-drum tine wear.
New larger lifting tines offer three times the previous service life.
STONE-PEKKA power is transmitted with drive belts which eliminate shocks from stones. When required, they act as
clutches and transfer the power to the desired destination. Special strengthened belts have been developed for the lifting
drum actions. The bearings are over-sized SKF units to provide top class reliability.
ROTOR LIFT (optional extra)
Lift is achieved with a single-acting hydraulic cylinder which raises both rotors simultaneously. Mechanical locks fix
them in the top position and they are released using a rope. There is no need to disconnect the PTO shafts or wires.
The STONE-PEKKA is adjusted for work and transport from the comfort of the cab. In the basic model this action is
achieved with wire connections and stone hopper hydraulics.
ROTATION GUARD (optional extra)
In dusty conditions visibility to the STONE-PEKKA can be reduced to zero. With the rotation guard the operator can observe the rotor
and lifting drum. This will reduce belt damage and generally ease the operating process.

22.5 x 550

  Twin axle 15.5 x 400
  Twin axle 17 x 500



   Stone-Pekka 4 Stone-Pekka 5 Stone-Pekka 6
Weight 3200kg 3400kg 3500kg
Working width 4m 5m 6m
Stone size 25 - 300mm 25 - 300mm 25 - 300mm
Output 700kg/min 1000kg/min 1200kg/min
Stone tank cap. 1.5 - 2 m 1.5 - 2m 1.5 - 2m
Tyre size - Single axle 22.5 x 550 22.5 x 550 22.5 x 550
  22.5 x 700 22.5 x 700 22.5 x 700
Double axle 15.5 x 400 15.5 x 400 15.5 x 400
  17 x 500 17 x 500 17 x 500
  17 x 500 ELS 17 x 500 ELS 17 x 500 ELS
Rotor support wheels 195 x 14 195 x 14 axle 195 x 14 axle
Power requirements 19kW 21kW 23kW
Driving speed 3 - 6 km/h 3 - 6 km/h 3 - 6 km/h
Lifting drum tines qty 18 28 28
  Standard equipment       Optional extras
  Soil container
Draw bar attachment
Tyres 22.5 x 550
All PTO shafts
Hydraulic PTO shaft with ext hose
Sieve size tailored to cropping
Crow bar
Support wheels (5 and 6m models)
Tool and spare parts container
    Rotation guard
Rotator hydraulic lift
Jockey wheel 22.5 x 700
Axle 15.5 x 400
        17 x 500
        17 x 500 ELS
Support wheels for 4m model

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