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CVHx Cambridge rollers
are extremely versatile tools for working on arable land as well as for maintaining permanent grasslands. Key features are the robustness and rigidity of
the frame, which is constructed from thick-walled steel profile, and high-tensile steel. Special attention has been given to the oversize dimensioning of
the outer frame wing pivots. Another advantage is the ability to adapt the machine for various agricultural functions and differing soil conditions.
Operation of the machine is very comfortable. All functions can be controlled from the tractor cab, including folding the machine between transport and
working positions, hydraulic adjustment of the front levelling bar, and the operation and monitoring of the seeding machine.
The following basic working assemblies can be selected:


  Basic frame equipped with a Cambridge roller or a flat roller
    for working on arable land or grassland.



Equipped with a Cambridge/breaker ring roller combination

    and heavy duty hydraulic crossboard for effective working
    of plough furrows.


  Equipped with a Cambridge roller and weeder harrowflex
    tynes or a flexible surface cultivator for working in grassland
4   Same equipment as referred to in 3 but complete with
    seeding equipment for additional overseeding into existing
    grass sward, or establishing new grasslands.
Each of the equipment options above can be configured in various ways depending on the farmer's specific needs
and farming conditions:



  Roller types:


  Pre-working equipment:



  Recommended seeding machines:
PS300 (300 ltr seed tank) and PS500 (500 ltr seed tank)
have two fans with either electric drive (8 outlet hoses)
or hydraulic drive (16 outlet hoses).
PS800 (800 ltr seed tank) has a single hydraulically driven
fan with 16 or 32 outlet hoses.
Seeders are equipped with a full seed rate monitoring and
control unit for all seeding functions from the tractor cab.
If the roller is to be equipped with an optional seeding
machine, we recommend adding the rear access loading
platform to ensure the comfort and safety of the operator
when loading seed into the tank.


  Further optional equipment:
- Depending on its version, the machine can be attached to the
  tractor by an upper or a lower type hitch using either a fixed or
  swivelling towing eye. Another option is a 2-point crossbar
  connected to the lower arms of the tractor, or a K80 type ball
  and socket hitch.
- Roller sections are mounted with UCF210 self-aligning ball
  bearings in high strength GGG50 ductile iron housings. If
  working in extreme conditions with many foreign objects in a
  field, the roller section can be equipped with rubber-encased
  housings for extended bearing life and protection.
- A pneumatic or hydraulic braking system that, when fitted
  with a sufficiently dimensional axle, allows a transport speed
  of up to 40km/hr.





Standard equipment
- Regulation lighting system for travelling on public roads.
- Hydraulic folding system to unfold the machine into the working position using a hydraulic cylinder connected to a hydraulic pressure accumulator. This
  system ensures full contour float and flexibility of the roller sections and, with adjustable pressure, gives totally uniform weight distribution across the full
  working width of the machine. At the same time, the outer roller sections can travel up to +/- 30cm vertically in both directions. See photo below.
- Model CVH630 has a mechanically-operated parking leg.
  Model CVH830 has a hydraulically-operated parking leg which stows neatly under the drawbar during work.
The roller ring sections are secured by a large locking nut system on the end of the axle. This gives absolute reliability against the rings turning on the
axle and allows for adjustment and tightening of the ring sections during the working life of the machine.
When the machine is folded into the transport position for road travel, the outer gangs are fixed into the transport carriage frame by means of a hydraulic
pressure switch. When activated, this switch locks out the hydraulic folding cylinders and automatically ensures the correct seating position of the
roller sections.
  The frame wing sway is up to 30cm
  Model CVH 630 CVH 830
  Working width mm 6300 8300
  Transport width mm 2340 2320
  Weight inc heavy duty hydraulic
kg 4550 5950
  Weight without heavy hydraulic
kg 4200 5200
  Working speed km/h 10-13 10-13
  Power source kW 70/130 100/160
  * Weight including heavy duty hydraulic
    and seeder PS 800
kg 4800 6200

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