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Rear Discharge Spreaders

Agri-Spread International, the family owned agricultural machinery manufacturer based in Ballyhaunis, Co Mayo has extended its range of spreaders with
the introduction of the Rear Discharge Spreader. With over 50 years' experience in the manufacture of agricultural machinery, the company operates from
a purpose-built factory which boasts the latest in cutting, bending, welding and spraying technology.
The Rear Discharge Spreader is capable of handling a wide range of manure types - from semi liquid to well-rotted solid fraction. The dynamically balanced
twin vertical beaters, to the rear of the machine, finely chop and distribute the material over a wide spread pattern. The beaters are mechanically driven by
a PTO at 1000 RPM through a purpose built gearbox and offer a wider and more even spread pattern.
-  Fully galvanised back end, galvanised floor lats as standard
-  heavy duty monocoque body for extra strength
-  4mm with 6mm reinforced sides and 5mm reinforced floor
-  Adjustable flow control valves to alter the rate of discharge
-  200 x 200mm heavy duty drawbar with various height options
-  1500mm wide back end which houses the purpose-built gearbox and rotors
-  The hydraulically controlled variable speed floor is constructed from 16m high tensile chain and 75mm channels.
-  High Floatation tyres for broad load distribution to reduce soil compaction
-  Hydraulic brakes are fitted as standard, as is a parking brake and stand.
-  Hydraulic back door fitted as standard - this helps metre the application rate.
-  A solid timber hip rail fitted to prevent loading damage - on the AS6000 and AS8000
-  An anti-corrosive primer and two coats of paint are applied to all tanks to ensure a quality long lasting finish.
Standard Specifications
Model AS6000 AS8000 AS10000 AS12000
Carrying Capacity 6 Ton 8 Ton 10 Ton 12 Ton
Volume (gallons / litres) 1000 / 4500 1350 / 6150 1650 / 7500 2000 / 9100
Min. HP Requirement 80 HP 100 HP 100 HP 100 HP
PTO Input Speed 1000 rpm 1000 rpm 1000 rpm 1000 rpm
Tips - Quantity 44 44 56 56
Beater Protection Shear Bolt 10mm Standard 10mm Standard 10mm Standard 10mm Standard
Axle Single Single Single Single
Axle Size 90mm 100mm 110mm 140mm
Floor Drive Hydraulic Motor Hydraulic Motor Hydraulic Motor Hydraulic Motor
Floor Chain Size 16mm grade 80 16mm grade 80 16mm grade 80 16mm grade 80
Body Dimensions 3.81 x 1.5m and
800mm high sides
4.36 x 1.5m and
900mm high sides
3.8 x 1.5m and
1270 tapered sides
4.6 x 1.5m and
1270 tapered sides
Loading Height 6' 8" 7' 7' 6" 7' 6"
Unladen Weight 3450 kg 3850 kg 4650 kg 5050 kg
Material Feed Chain Floor Chain Floor Chain Floor Chain Floor
Rotor Speed 380 rpm 380 rpm 380 rpm 380 rpm
Drawbar 175mm 175mm 200 x 200mm 200 x 200rpm
Tyres 460/85 R34 460/85 R34 580/70 R38 580/70 R38

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