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Blackbox Guidance Systems for Agriculture

Saving labour, fuel and material input to enhance productivity and profits.


Dales Agri Sales Agency are Main Dealers for the Patchwork GPS System for Durham, Northumberland and Cumbria.

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The BlackBox Eco is a low-cost, simple to use guidance system for farmers and contractors. Designed and built to reduce input costs and time, and improve driver accuracy with the straight and curved 3D guidance modes and easy-to-print field boundary maps and measurements (after one pass around the outside of the field). Everything you need in one small box, with a few simple steps you can be working in the field within minutes.  RRP: 1000 + VAT
The new BlackBox Eco+ (pictured above) features all the capabilities of the the BlackBox Eco with the addition of a water and dustproof casing (especially suitable for spreading fertilizer, slurry, spraying, and soil work), being GLONASS and GPS enabled, and having Terrain Compensation which will correct your position on any slope or undulating land to improve guidance accuracy (a slope of just 5 degrees can offset your GPS by 21cm).  RRP: 1250 + VAT

Product Features


Hardware Features

Eco Eco+  

Guidance and Area Measurement


 Bright 7" touch screen    Straight and curved 3D Guidance modes
 Lightweight water and dustproof casing      Area Measurement
 5Hz DGPS for correction      Field boundary measurement and auto detection  
 Integrated 10Hz GLONASS and DGPS receiver      Print maps from images on SD card
 Plug and play for immediate set-up        
 Operates from 12V vehicle power supply        
 USB and SD storage card slots        

  Protect your investment
  One unit, multiple software options :-



Patchwork has developed a cutting-edge range of products that delivers efficiency benefits for farmers, contractors and service providers. This well-established BlackBox GPS system offers multiple 3D guidance modes and the software is updateable via the Patchwork website. The system offers a bright 7" HD touch screen, using Egnos/WAAS for correction along with built-in terrain compensation, giving accuracy to within 20cm.
The Evolution features all the capabilities of the BlackBox with the addition of Assisted Steering which uses a powerful motor system delivering the turning power needed to control the most demanding agricultural vehicles. The Auto Steering interface supports both CAN & Steer Ready Vehicles, now providing a complete product range. For enhanced performance the BlackBox Evolution can be upgraded to OmniSTAR or RTK correction signals.
Cost effective Section Control when integrated with the BlackBox can be used to govern up to 12 sections. Automatically shutting off to eradicate overlap, the result is a considerable reduction in cost, thanks to reduced material input, as well as environmental improvements, since the risk of chemicals reaching 'no spray zones' is significantly reduced.
WebTrack, our pioneering web-based agricultural software is designed for safe storage of all types of GPS field data, to enable any agricultural business to provide evidence of field work. WebTrack is essential during an inspection for SFP, NVZ or other compliance scheme. The records are searchable to allow quick and easy access to all historical records and can overlay any recorded job on top of the latest Google Map to show it in context.
Used alone or in conjunction with Patchwork's other products, the BlackBox system enables you to apply high specification technology to standard agricultural practices. The result is significant productivity gains for all its applications.


Product Features

  • Bright 7" touch screen
  • 10 Hz DGPS using Egnos/WAAS for correction
  • Built in Terrain Compensation
  • Operates from 12v vehicle power supply
  • Window suction mount for immediate setup
  • Multiple 3D guidance modes
  • Area measurement
  • Built in modem
  • Variable rate application of fertiliser, spray and seed
  • Exchange data with Muddy Boots, Farmade and Pear
    Technology farm management software
  • Software upgrades available
  Go Advance Evolution
 Farm Management link up  
 Variable Rate Applications  
 Auto Shut Off  
 Section control
 Assisted or Auto Steer    
 OmniSTAR signal
 RTK signal    
 RRP (all + VAT) 1500 2000 POA
 - Optional extra

* - Single Section only


** - Advance software needs to be unlocked


Fertiliser Application   Spraying
Improves accuracy and efficiency to reduce costs.   Reduce paperwork and increase productivity.
Mowing and Foraging   Slurry and Muck Spreading
Reduce working time and improve accuracy.   Save time, fuel and money.
Cultivating and Drilling   Potato Planting
Avoid losing valuable field time.   Significantly improve profitability.
Combining and Harvesting
Work in low visibility conditions and improve yield mapping data.

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