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(Latest updates added on 22nd October 2018)


Ivor Duggan & Sons AS65 Ramp Fill Spreaders


Savock Farms AS85 Isobus Spreader



Henzell Enterprises Tandem Axle Spreaders


 Julian Morgan Agricultural Services AS100 Boom Spreader



New Agriseed with Accord Metering and Galvanised Frame


Leslie Brown Agricultural Contractors SMS Titan 630 Roller with Seeder



R M Corbett's AS65 Ramp Fill Isobus Spreaders


Savock Farms AS85 Isobus Spreader



Dales Agri Lorry, Fully-Freighted!


3M Dales Seed Roller   AS35 Ramp Fill VRT Spreader

AS55 Variable Rate Spreader   AS100 Boom Spreader


Bergman Self-Propelled Spreader



Ivor Duggan 2 New Agri-Spread AS65 Ramp Fill Spreaders with VRT   New 32 Run Erth Agriseeder

Dales Agri Royal Highland Show Stand 2016

Delivery to Wales   New Kivi-Pekka 4 Sold to W.Marley, Co. Durham

Agri-Spread AS65 Variable Rate Spreader


Custom-built AS65 Ramp Fill Variable Rate Spreader



Custom-built Top Dresser at Glasgow Academy



Kivi Stone Pekka in use at Puncknowle Manor in Dorset


AS65 Gritter   AS65 Pickards

AS65 VTR Weighcells, Meikleour Trust, Perthshire   Panbuster in use by Chelmsford City Council


DJI Phantom 3 Professional Drone


New Agri-Spread AS55 fitted with a crane, variable rate and
hopper extensions
  New Agri-Spread AS120 fitted with 12m hydraulic folding booms,
variable rate and weigh cells

New Erth Agriseeder drilling cover crops in East Anglia   New 4m hydraulic folding Erth Agriseeder in Pembrokeshire


A painting done by Victoria's Tractor Arts of a new AS65
recently delivered


New 4m Hydraulic Folding Erth Agriseeder Direct Drill   New Erth Panbuster and Agriseeder Direct Drill heading to Orkney


Another full load of Erth Panbusters for Dales Agri


LAMMA Show, 2014   AS85 Lime/Fertiliser Spreader

AS85 Spreading lime with VRA   AS85 Variable Rate Spreader

AS65 Spreader   AS65 Spreader with fertiliser discs fitted


AS65 spreading urea with variable rate control



Agri-Spread Stainless Steel Lime/Fertiliser Spreader Body mounted on new Man 4x4




Erth Panbuster


Trimble CFX VRA/Guidance fitted to Agri-Spread AS120T   Royal Highland Show stand, 2013


Erth Agriseed Direct Drill



Agri-Spread AS10t Tandem Axle Lime/Fertiliser Spreader


Kivi Pekka Stone Pickers


"Pride of the Fleet"  Another used spreader ready to deliver


AS12000 Rear Discharge Spreader


Agri-Spread AS55 Stainless Steel   Agri-Spread Factory Stock

Agri-Spread AS85 Lime/Fertiliser Spreader   Agri-Spread AS6000 Rear Discharge Spreader

Agri-Spread Custom-built AS55w Ramp Fill Lime/Fertiliser Spreader   Agri-Spread AS55w Ramp Fill Spreader

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